On January 4, CBA issued penalties on its official account for viewers who have sparked clashes at home in Jiangsu's Kenya. \"By the CBA Alliance's research decision, its league certification was disqualified and included in the CBA watch blacklist, banning Wang from entering any CBA field for life,\" the penalty announcement said.


At the same time, the CBA league sincerely thanks Mrs. Besinovic for her initiative to stop uncivilized behavior and maintain order in the course of watching the game, and will invite Mrs. Besinovic and her family to attend the upcoming CBA All-Star weekend event in Guangzhou.


Several media reported that on the night of january 1, kendaya, jiangsu, at home 103-111 match against liaoning, wang made an indecent gesture to liaoning's foreign aid on the sidelines, and the wife of kendaya coach besinovich came forward to stop it, resulting in a verbal and physical attack by wang.


Then Bessinovic walked out of the team's area and eventually clashed with Wang, leading to a one-time stoppage. Bessinovich and Wang were both sent off.


In the penalty announcement, CBA officials said,\" considering the merits and extenuating, Besinovic was given a lighter penalty in accordance with the relevant provisions of the disciplinary code, noting criticism and suspension of one game.\"


After the conflict, it was revealed that Wang was actually the president of the Jurong City Basketball Association. \"The Jurong Basketball Association is a social group organized spontaneously by basketball enthusiasts in Jurong City and has no direct affiliation with the administrative department of sports, and Wang is not a public official,\" the bureau said in a statement on January 2. He also promised to hold the people involved accountable and to strengthen the personal qualities and ethics of its members.


On January 3, Jurong City Sports, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau again sent a letter urging Jurong Basketball Association to remove the man from the post of chairman of the Basketball Association, and actively cooperate with the relevant departments to follow up the investigation and processing.


January 1,2020,2019-2020 CBA regular season round 23(sequence 228), in Jiangsu Kendaia club Suzhou Kendaia basketball team (hereinafter referred to as \"Suzhou Kendaia team \") and Liaoning Shenyang Sansheng Club Bengang basketball team, Suzhou Kendaia team along with team watchers Wang xxx in the course of the game to the visiting team players repeatedly abuse and make insulting gestures. The wife of suzhou kentiya coach besinovic, who was seated next to him, offered to dissuade him. Wang turned to abuse mrs besinovic and beat him twice in a row. Bessinovich, who is coaching on the sidelines, went to the front of the pitch's advertising screen and clashed with his theory, and then the two sides were persuaded by security and club staff to leave the field by the scene security personnel, and besinovic was disqualified and automatically suspended for one game (automatic stoppage of the game in the twenty-fourth round of January 3, the sequence of the game 239), so the game was interrupted for nearly five minutes.


In addition to the incident, the local public security organs of Suzhou District have investigated the relevant personnel of the parties concerned, and have now identified the perpetrators Wang and Jiangsu people, who insulted the visiting team members many times during and after the competition between Suzhou Kendaya Team and Tianjin Pioneers in Suzhou (High-Tech) Division on November 8,2019. Suzhou City Public Security Bureau has today according to the law on the conduct of the public security penalty.


In view of the fact that Wang Xime is a licensed person in Suzhou District, after the CBA League research decision, cancel its league license qualification, be included in the blacklist of CBA watching, and prohibit Wang Xime from entering any CBA field for life.


Suzhou kendiya team coach bessinovic in the course of the game out of the team seat area and eventually a physical conflict with wang xime, in violation of the league discipline code 24 related provisions, but considering the cause, extenuating circumstances, bezinovic in accordance with the relevant provisions of the discipline code light punishment, notice criticism and suspension of 1 game (suspension of the game is january 5, round 25, game order 245). At the same time, the CBA League sincerely thanks Mrs. Bessinovic for taking the initiative to stop uncivilized behavior and maintain order in the field during the course of watching the competition, and will invite Mrs. Bessinovic and her family to participate in the upcoming CBA All-Star weekend in Guangzhou.


In accordance with the CBA Disciplinary Rules Article 24 and Article 94, the Suzhou District and the Jiangsu Kendaia Club were warned and criticized, ordered to strengthen their security work, and reduced their participation fee of RMB 50,000 for the local fans'culture to promote positive energy.


CBA League here strongly condemned some of Wang's course violence! And call on all walks of society, especially all CBA league fans and online and offline watching, firmly resist all kinds of non-civilized behavior similar to a certain Wang, purify the field environment, make an example for young people, jointly safeguard CBA positive energy brand image, make great contribution to the healthy development of Chinese basketball!


To this punishment result, netizen expresses praise one after another, think \"do beautifully! \"It's a very fair punishment,\" he said, adding that he was\" touched by the result.\"