After four months of preparation, team formation, marketing, channel expansion, Su Rong did not expect to meet his boss Yan Jia last time in the police station.


The reason is that Yan Jia went to a CVS store to get his disposable e-cigarettes back, but the owner did not know the boss, how to say not to give, must let the lad shop the channel to come over. In a hurry, Yan Jia called the police, shop owner, Yan Jia, even this channel young man Su Rong into the police station.


The reason given by Yan Jia is that the pin is not good enough to get the goods back. But Su Rong did not understand why the boss did not say hello directly, but to secretly run to their own collection, but also involved him into the police station.


In fact, in four months'time, yan jia's start-up e-cigarette company, love's prey, experienced layoffs and, in addition to its executives and founders, staged a series of drama such as the boss's destruction of evidence and late-night office confrontation, which was driven by unpaid wages, unpaid compensation and no labor contract.


Love's Prey's office in Beijing has now been sacked for most of its staff, with one former employee starting a foreign-trade business in a circle of friends and even paying in arrears.


Love's Prey, an e-cigarette company, is ostensibly because \"power cuts\" are affecting business, and in fact, most people who want to make quick money are stuck in a muddy mess, only to be able to see lustful beings in the e-cigarette industry.


At the other end of the phone was friend and colleague Lin Jianyu, who called himself at the moment because of what, Zhang Peng had already guessed a few minutes, and asked,\" What's the matter? Tore it?


The opposite reaction of co-workers and bosses called Zhang Peng a little uneasy. Looking back on these two months, what happened in the company, all sorts of laughs, the details must have been torn, but this late at night, the two also ran to the company \"late-night showdown \", but to everyone just add to the joke.


In the middle of the night, Lin and a gang of brothers were confronting their boss, Yan Jia, and Zhang Peng listened for a while to understand what was going on:


After yan jia's intention to shut down the company, he did not inform the other employees, who had not signed the contract and had no labor compensation. Lin jian-yu, who was the leader, was afraid that the boss had shut down the company and had no evidence of his work with his brothers.


Lin jian-yu also regardless of the situation, directly questioned yan jia compensation matters, the two sides very fierce argument, yan jia at first did not intend to pay compensation, and finally, under the pressure of the public, had to decide to postpone the payment of wages.


August 24,2019, is the day Zhang Peng joined Love's Prey, and the day before, led by his good friend, Lin Jianyu, Zhang Peng and Yan Jia, the boss and founder of Love's Prey, met at the cafe.


Mr. lin and mr. peng used to be colleagues, and even after they left, they remained friends. This time, because of mr. lin's invitation, they agreed to stir up the dream.


Love's Prey is Yan Jia's name for his e-cigarette product, but when it comes to the origin of the brand name, Yan Jia pulls through the concept, and finally Zhang Peng doesn't understand what is going on, but it's just a small matter, after all, Yan Jia is the founder.


Before that, Zhang Peng did not know Yan Jia at all, only knew that Yan Jia is the ODM, the OEM origin of the electronic cigarette, although has not done the fast sale profession, but how also should know the electronic cigarette than oneself.


But Beijing people good face, since has promised to help Lin Jianyu, Zhang Peng also did not hesitate to feel that he should in the early days of Love's Prey start-up, use their own strengths to help them.


The e-cigarette market is too small and loose to compare with the traditional, well-established fast-selling industry or the \"AI smart\" and \"big health\" that have been hot for the past two years.


In addition to the professional veteran players or senior supply chain people from the battery, atomization structure, material technology to distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages of the hand, for consumers, what is seen-looking homogenization everywhere.


During the first week of september 2019, everyone located their office in a place in beijing's east fourth ring, at a monthly rent of 20,000 a month, which is arguably a bargain.


Although the company has not been registered, but the pace of recruitment cannot stop, from finance to sales, all positions have to be someone, and lin and zhang peng have certainly become a middle leader, zhang peng, the name of the sales director of china is so.


Love's Prey, like many start-ups, set a distant goal in the first place, moving towards the \"great dream\" of China's hundreds of millions of smokers, and didn't seem to have thought how difficult it would be to make 100 million smokers an e-cigarette user.


Yan Jia is from Shenzhen, a long-term mixed trace of Shenzhen and e-cigarette bone blood blend, how wide the benefits of e-cigarettes, he cannot understand.


Lin Jianyu is to do media background, different from doing ODM background Yan Jia, but also different from the fast selling industry background Zhang Peng, he regards the network is very important, this may be the commonness of all media people, know the importance of public opinion and network.


Especially for an unknown brand like Love's Prey, it's especially important to make a name for yourself, and Mr. Lam has spent the most effort here.


At the major e-cigarette fairs, Mr. Lin took Love's Prey's products, introduced them everywhere, and took a photo with the industry's bigwigs in order to get more goodwill and a sense of existence.


“We started off with the idea that as small as letting a whole street know about Love's Prey, we'd have to focus on distribution and let stores of all sizes on a street have the product."


Abundant channel resources are the advantages of zhang peng, even if there is no name in the district of husband and wife shop, he can also shop the product, for a humble brand, cannot let go of any sales and sales channels, even if the store is small.


But soon, Zhang Peng found that there was no complete system from CEO to CV. From pre-sale, middle, after to warehousing, the whole supply chain does not have a standard SOP.


Only take the key, the head of the business, in many large and mature enterprises to stay in Zhang Peng some distress, the company in the entrepreneurial stage, all aspects of the affairs are not perfect, can understand, but he seems to not even see the hope of improvement.


On september 16th it began paving the way, and on september 31st it sold 556 spots for $5500, and in october it sold for $30,000, even if it ran out of goods and was out of stock.


It looks like everything to the good companies, why suddenly say not to do it? The root causes have long been buried, and every day the unsystematic supply chain and the unregulated management system have dragged down the entire vulnerable team.


Roughly estimated, Love's Prey employees spend around 200,000 a month, rent 20,000 a month, and participate in two exhibitions before and after, one 100,000, two on about 200,000, seven eight eight count down, excluding goods are more than 100 million.


The sudden online ban in November had a huge impact on Love's Prey. For the entire e-cigarette industry, it is also a turning point from boom to bust.


The State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration issued a circular on Monday requiring that e-cigarettes should not be sold to minors, e-cigarettes should not be sold on the Internet, and e-cigarette advertisements should not be published on the Internet.


After the blackout, Yan Jia began to worry all day, worried about whether the business can continue to do. At the same time, e-cigarette companies, represented by Yueke Xuejia, began to spread the line.


How crazy is “? The off-line policy has reached 10 for 10, that is, buy 10 for 10, and the first 20 for free. A person familiar with the matter said.


Yan jia will certainly not spend money to ask more people to work for themselves, so let zhang peng launch their own relationship, through a higher commission to attract middlemen to sell goods, this is nothing wrong, but often out of stock, wrong delivery of things enough to affect the credibility of a brand.


At first, zhang peng will often rush goods, but looking at the rush failed, he no longer rush goods, the goods in a \"you love not to come\" attitude, not only so, yan jia's ideas are also very many, a day, can be said to change overnight, all kinds of things.


As a result, Zhang Peng stayed for a while, but his work changed from idleness to constant literacy for everyone in the company. From top to bottom, the same color of fast sales industry white, Zhang Peng more and more unable to do.


No goods is a very serious problem, but other more serious problem is the price, one-time e-cigarettes from 100 from the start of the discussion to ten thousand, from 15 prices to 17, back and forth, led to lin jianyu abuse.


Fortunately, Zhang Peng's channel resources are solid, so that Love's Prey into many stores have saved the cost of entering the shop, which is a very \"affordable\" thing for Yan Jia, so it is very polite to see Zhang Peng speak, open your mouth to thank you, shut your mouth.


Those who have done the retail industry are clear, either price war, or intensive activities, the interface, supermarkets to buy a number of sales promotions can be heard from time to time, and gifts can be flexible changes.


E-cigarettes naturally also to do promotional activities, or buy 10 to send 2, or buy 10 to send 5, generous direct buy 10 to send 10, different businesses due to changes in the activity situation, the number of delivery will be different.


What happened later completely exposed yan jia's ignorance of the fast-selling industry, he asked people to go to the offline stores to \"check\" back, then decided that lin jianyu or zhang peng privately swallowed the goods, which led to the number of gifts each sent out is inconsistent.


More laughing matter is still behind, yan jia later found in the occasional patrol shop should be only their own brand of e-cigarette location mixed with another brand of disposable cigarettes, yan jia quickly concluded that zhang peng is helping other brands to do the channel.


Soon, suspicion spread to Zhang Peng's ears, Zhang Peng is naturally uncomfortable, why the usual very polite respect for their own people, secretly have such suspicion of their own?


It turned out that mr. yan had always felt that mr. lin only spoke in vain and did nothing, at least as much as mr. zhang, who was selling goods in the field, thought mr. lin was a superfluous presence, even if he had first found a partner.


On the one hand, the embarrassment of not letting the company continue to lose money, on the other hand, the pressure to cut jobs and save costs, yan jia, who is inexperienced in entrepreneurship, has become even more miserable.


Before yan jia officially announced layoffs or break-up, lin jian-yu sniffed the smell of sparks, how do he feel suffocated, his efforts to help yan jia, the result of this person is so ungrateful?


After all, it's too easy to find something for a company whose license is not registered.


“He wasn't even going to make a formal announcement or pay for the layoffs, or call someone at midnight to tell them not to come to work the next day. Have you ever seen such a casual boss?"


Not only don't plan to compensate, even the original agreed official employee salary also want to calculate at 80% of probation period. For the sake of salary, lin jian-yu and yan jia later called every day to scold, but this is all hindsight.


Decided to break up in the middle of the night, the company has to count a pile of goods, so overnight called the warehouse to count the inventory of young people, in order to prevent being \"planted\" private goods, jianyu came and went and warehouse management check countless times.


Sometimes a job (or career) is more difficult to break up than a divorce. Divorce isn't a good couple, not to mention a group of career partners with interests.


Zhang Peng, who got the salary note, just smiled gently and said to Yan Jia, sitting opposite him,\" Brother, you like this, I'm going to the bathroom now, and then you remember? We'll talk about it when I get back.


When Zhang Peng came back from the bathroom, he asked Yan Jia if she had thought about it. Yan Jia was probably aware of her problems and felt uncomfortable on her face, so she tore up the salary slip in front of Zhang Peng.


“I don't need that money, but I think that kind of salary is ironic or even insulting to my career." In short, Zhang Peng is no longer want to mention this bad work experience.


From meeting yan jia on august 23rd to formally leaving office, zhang peng and yan jia spoke on the phone no more than five times, but the deepest impression of yan jia is verbose, can come and go back and forth to say some nonsense many times.


Beijing's government departments are not efficient enough to register companies in almost a day, but from august to december, the company has remained unregistered, and many employees have not signed labor contracts.


Looking back at Love's Prey's brief start-up history, almost along with the November e-cigarette \"power outage,\" Love's Prey didn't involve much of the e-cigarette online business but still fell.


The empty Love's Pretty has smashed millions, and it's not a big deal for the huge e-cigarette market, especially for the head e-cigarette companies, but it's unusual for ordinary investors.


Zhang Peng felt that he had provoked a fishy, stopped saying no more, and Lin Jianyu hoped that Yan Jia could get some lessons, Yan Jia felt more aggrieved to get home, smashed a pile of money, and invited a bunch of useless people.


After two beats, Love's Prey wanted to finish completely, and Yan Jia had to take back the goods that had already been put on the market, so he went to the market with a few people after a few days.


If you want to choose the biggest tuyere in 2019, it's not an e-cigarette. In the first half of 2019 alone, more than 30 e-cigarette brands have raised a billion dollars, almost the sum of funds of a medium-sized venture capital firm.


The high cash flow and gross profit of e-cigarettes not only attracted the capital, but also made a large number of private entrepreneurs eager to try, including the smart phone era, the smart hardware of Huaqiang Bei people, but also from the fog era, representing the OG of American street culture, but also a lot of speculative entrepreneurs.


But not long after, juul, a brand of e-cigarettes on the other side of the ocean, was taken off the shelves in parts of the u.s. and an online ban in november caught all e-cigarette practitioners off guard.


I don't know how many large and small enterprises, in the fast-selling products industry, cross-bank rich cannot do fast sales, such as Evergrande Ice Spring, such a well-managed Xu Jiayin has not been Evergrande Ice Spring up.


And look at the beer industry, the snow in the early stage take 200 million to hit 100 million market, the situation today, but the electronic cigarette market, anyone wants to get the pen money, the boss basically has no deep commercial sedimentation.


Yan Jia, Lin Jianyu, Zhang Peng, three people in their thirties, because e-cigarettes come together, and because of e-cigarettes against the eyes, they may have thought of success, but also afraid of failure, like a couple, both longing for love and fear of intimacy, this tangled mentality also affects them from beginning to end.


Sometimes think, the so-called tuyere, so-called profiteering e-cigarette, in fact, is sent to test the human color of the tool, it can quickly rewrite life has wealth, but also let people lose themselves, fall into the swamp of fate. After the ups and downs, to be able to control the wealth but also to maintain the peace of mind, this is a lucky person. And most people, only see wealth, but not see the cliff.


Consumption is the most secular religion established by mankind in the 21st century. It soothes the dullness and fate of the alienation of people in the industrial age, and also comforts the loneliness and helplessness of people in the information age.