From heavily funded delivery rooms and cars to light asset bikes, portable battery, cell phones and computers... They are both synonymous with the shared economy and the best in the rental market. The emergence of the rental market is a typical example of China's shared economy, and with capital gain, the track has also broken out some of the frontrunners.


Around the stock of assets, leasing has changed people's consumption patterns. From traditional \"own\" to \"use \", this is not only the change of ownership of goods, but also the change of people's consumption concept - from the C-terminal crowd to B-terminal customers, cannot be.


The leasing market is still large, but the cost is too high. Tian Hao has been working in the IT office rental market for five years, and in his counter, items will change over the years.


Mr. tian told \"the front line of business\" that leasing business is about to follow the changes of the times, follow the tenants, and what you have to do with what tenants want, which has led him to develop the habit of \"scouring\" new items regularly.


At the beginning of each month, tian hao went to buy equipment, beijing and shenzhen have many years of cooperation with his brother, so he can take the goods cheaper than other stalls.


Don't look cheap, but everything is good. Some companies have just used electronics for a year or even half a year to eliminate them, and some haven't even uncovered plastic protective film, mr. tian said. \"It's a shame these things are sold like this.


In the leasing market, most of the leased equipment used for leasing is transferred to all parts of the country through Shenzhen. Most of these equipment are recovered, and some are sold to Hong Kong by auction to enter the Shenzhen market.


\"There are fewer individuals, mainly credibility issues, no one can rent a deposit, no risk of deposit, or an ant credit.\" Chow told \"the front line of entrepreneurship \".


In this kind of \"irregular army \", the business often relies on the acquaintance introduction or oneself personally visits the building to obtain the passenger source. Compared with the personal demand for mobile phones, the basic business needs are computers (including desktops and laptops), printers, and projectors.


\"Small and medium-sized start-ups now seem to be the first choice for leasing electronics, both flexible and cheaper.\" Zhao Ze, head of IT procurement at an enterprise, told the \"front line of entrepreneurship\" that leasing would to some extent ease the company's capital compared to the previous large-scale purchases, and that if the number of employees is reduced or increased, it could be temporarily leased or withdrawn.


He calculated a bill for us, based on Lenovo ThinkPad E490 computer, the dealer's purchase price for the enterprise is about 5000 yuan, if calculated at five-year depreciation, the recovery price is about 500 yuan, the loss is about 4500 yuan. The cost of leasing a model is $60-70, or about $4200 for five years.


\"It doesn't usually wait until five years, it'll be updated once in two or three years, it's still easy to rent, it's always up-to-date, and it doesn't have to worry about discounting costs. Zhao Ze said.


At the same time, we also learned by asking a number of enterprises that in IT office leasing, enterprises are more focused on Lenovo series ThinkPad, Acer and Asustek brands, these computers have relatively low rental costs, and the monthly expenses are only 50-70 yuan per unit.


\"There are very few apples to rent, basic apples will buy their own, mainly too expensive rent is not cost-effective, and apple than other brands of computers to maintain a bit of value. 'Apple's series of computers are primarily used by design and R